Points of view

One-day seminar on accessibility to art and reading

Thursday 25 June, from 10am to 1.30pm


Accessibility is a sensitive and complex theme to which the Palazzo delle Esposizioni and 's Art Workshop will be devoting a day's debate with museums, associations and the world of research to reflect, in particular, on sensory pathways and on the tactile illustrated book as tools of mediation for providing access to art and to reading.  The seminar marks an important stage in a special project entitled Points of View which got under way with the Frida Kahlo and Matisse. Arabesque exhibitions, with the production of permanent ground plans of the two exhibition venues and with new acquisitions of Italian and foreign tactile books for the Art Bookshelf in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni.  Works of art and books are two parallel pathways down which the Art Workshop has been moving for years, and down which it is determined to carry on moving under the banner of accessibility, in its firm belief in their educational value for all.

Different voices and experiences from the Italian national arena will be debating in an effort to build a participatory and shared culture made of projects that are not exclusive but inclusive, because diversity is synonymous with richness.


First part - Accessibility to Art.  Stories, Experiences, Pathways

- Touching art ... a cultural revolution!
Annalisa Trasatti - "Opera" Social Cooperative - "Omero" State Tactile Museum

- Access to the art of painting for the visually impaired
Giuseppina Simili, President of the "Museum" Voluntary Association


Second part – Accessibility to Reading.  Illustrated Tactile Books

- The TIB (Tactile Illustrated Book) as an inclusive resource for all children, whether with perfect eyesight or visually impaired
Enrica Polato – Research Fellow - University of Padua

- The illustrated tactile book, techniques and materials.  Examples frrom the 2015 edition of the  "It's Up to You!" competition

Pietro Vecchiarelli, in charge of the production of tactile illustrated books for the National Not-for-Profit Federation of Institutions for the Blind - Rome

-The Tocco Collection, playing and reading:  an experiment to attract children to reading in their  early childhood through tactile exploration and sign language.
Roberta Vasta - Zajedno Cooperative

- The book as a tool of mediation for art.  The collection and its new tactile acquisitions

Giulia Franchi - The Palazzo delle Esposizioni's Art Bookshelf


Palazzo delle Esposizioni – Forum (ground floor)
Via Milano 13, Rome - Italy
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