With 136 seats and an independent entrance, the cinema is chiefly intended for films and documentaries related to the exhibitions in progress. In a spirit strongly influenced by the interdisciplinary nature of the events held at the Palazzo, the cinema aims to offer 360-degree treatment of a topic, exhibition, or cultural event. The autonomous management and opening times enable it to be used independently of the other activities at the Palazzo.


Technical specifications

136 seats + 2
Fixtures and fittings
Audio system, according to film standards
Audio system / rear screen n. 3 JBL 4622N speakers
Audio system / surround n. 12 JBL 8330A speakers
Audio system / subwoofer n. 1 JBL 4642A speakers
Dolby Digital CP650D processor and relative amplifier rack
Dolby Digital DMA8Plus processor

Projection system
Screen size mt. 7.00 x 3.00
35mm cinemechanical Victoria 5 B4000 projector
Lamp 1600 w. Xenon
Barco DP2000 digital DLP projector
1500-4000w Xenon lamp (20000 Lumens)
Dolby DSS200 DCP server

Infrared conference and simultaneous translation facility
50 headphones
50 4-channel infrared receivers

Closed circuit video system composed of:
Roland V-1HD video mixer 4 channel audio / video switcher
1 FHD Ptz JVC KY-PZ100BE camera
1 video monitor 24 "HD Hann-Spree (Program)
1 19 "HD Philips video monitor (Preview)

Video supports
1 DVD-BLU RAY Sony BDP-S590 player
1 Beta Digital / SP Sony J-30 SDI player
1 pc Dell notebook

Audio system for conferences
Yamaha MG16XU 16 input audio mixer
5 Conference table microphones
2 Sennheiser ew100 g3 handheld radio microphones
Audio speakers broadcast direction

Conference lighting system
6-channel light mixer
6-circuit dimmer 3 kw
3 reflectors conference table lighting