Kreyon Day

Test your creativity  
An event of interactive popular science


13 September 2015 from 10am to 7pm

Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Via Milano 13

The KreyonDay is a unique event of popular science, fully focused on creativity and innovation processes. The event is the outcome of a collaboration between the Kreyon project and the Palazzo delle Esposizioni and Education Service - Art Workshop. Open conferences, held by world renowned scientists and experts (physicists, mathematicians, anthropologists, artists, puzzle experts, chess players, etc.), will set the stage while interactive installations and games will allow participants to test their own creativity. Finally ateliers and workshops will complete what is going to be an immersive experience. All games, installations and ateliers are thought to be fun and will be paralleled by explanations on the scientific aims and contexts.  Based on age and personal interests each and every one will have the opportunity to carve his/her learning-by-doing path.  

What happens at the  Kreyon Day?  
The Kreyon Day will take place on Sunday September the 13th 2015 from 10am to 7pm at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome (entrance from Via Milano). The participation is fully free. A registration will be required to download a QR code that will grant access to all games and installations. Due to limited number of available seats, a free registration will be also required to participate to the workshops. From 2 to 7 pm the Forum will host a series of open short talks (both in English and in Italian) held by an international panel of experts in creativity. Not only scientists, thus, but also artists, copywriters as Annamaria Testa, who since 2008 has been editing the website about innovation and creativity Nuovo e Utile, or the Olympic chess player champion Judit Polgar. The conferences will be either in English or in Italian. Some of the speakers will also conduct focused and interactive ateliers, suitable for all ages. You will be able to understand the "magic" of numbers with the mathematician Ennio Peres, take part to an experiment about the impact of constraints on creative task with Annamaria Testa, learn scientific concepts through frozen bubbles with the physicist Ilan Chabay. For the little ones a workshop inspired by the books of the artist Katsumi Komagata will be organized and conducted by the  Palazzo delle Esposizioni and Education Service - Art Workshop.  Throughout the day you will be able to contribute to experiments of collective creativity such as Lego sculptures and murals or giant anagrams to carry out together.  These installations will allow you to experience firsthand how we face a challenge, what drives us to find new solutions, what hinders us, what attract us, how we interact with others in order to achieve a goal. Web-games designed and created by the research team of the project Kreyon will be also available in Fontana area.  Creastoria, Record, LegoPixelArt and LegoMusic challenge our ability to create something new from a constrained set of items. It will be possible to play as single players, but also measure our similarity or divergence by comparison with other players while finding solutions.