Although we are women

training course


A training course held by the Art Workshop of Palazzo delle Esposizioni for teachers, students, sector operators and enthusiasts. Body, dress, thread, love: four dates and four themes of contemporary art in feminine declensions for a theoretical-practical itinerary that guides participants in the interpretation of an artwork through the workshop experience.


Metamorphosis of the body

Saturday 17 January from 10.30 to 13.30

Representation of the female body in contemporary art takes on new meanings. Woman no longer embodies an ideal of beauty, is no longer a reassuring and welcoming presence but is provocative and disruptive. In the poetics of artists like Marina Abramović, Cindy Sherman, Vanessa Beecroft and Shirin Neshat the body expresses new identities, becomes material to be transformed, deformed and taken to the limits.


Living the dress


Saturday 21 February from 10.30 to 13.30

The dress has always been the go-between of a rhetoric that speaks of identity, social class and cultural stereotype. When the dress becomes a work of art it connotes stronger content. From Sonia Delaunay’s Simultaneous Dresses in the period of the historic avant-gardes to the electric dress, symbol of industrial modernity, by the Japanese artist Atsuko Kanaka.


Weaving of the soul


Saturday 21 March from 10.30 to 13.30

Thread, weave and knot belong to an ancient craft which in the course of the 20th century has taken on a new declension. Numerous artists have got involved in weaving, each time causing different aspects of human existence to emerge. In their works they bring together the threads of narration, of lived experience, of denunciation of continuity with tradition. Among the various figures cited, an outstanding place must go to the late Sardinian artist Maria Lai.


Speak to me of love


Saturday 11 April from 10.30 to 13.30

When the French artist Sophie Calle got a farewell email from her lover she decided to work out her sentimental mourning by involving 107 other women. The farewell became a book and an exhibition. The American Nan Goldin created, over a lifetime, a personal photographic diary that reveals the intimacy, pain and affects experienced in their everyday nature. Loves, relationships, emotions, different ways of talking about feelings.



Palazzo delle Esposizioni - Forum, via Milano 13

Booking obligatory, tel. 06.39967500

30 euros for each workshop (24 for season ticket holders) - 110 euros for four workshops (90 for season ticket holders)