Springtime of books

Forum - Palazzo delle Esposizioni

17 February - 28 April 2013


While everyone's waiting impatiently for spring to arrive, we're proud to present three months of workshops for schools and families built around the books on the Art Bookshelf, a library specialising in international art books for children.  We shall be taking you on a journey through the pictures in special books designed to look at, read, touch and play, exploring nature from a new angle, peeking inside our own heads and following the pages like a musical score.


schools • kindergarten and primary school


Art pages

There are so many different ways of telling the story of nature in illustrated books, from Iela Mari's L'Albero (The Tree), a classic children's book on the cycle of the seasons, to Katsumi Komagata's Little Tree, a beautiful pop-up book on the passage of time.  This seminar and workshop is designed to help you discover how books are made.




Tuesday to Friday, 10.00 am to 11.30 am and 11.30 am to 1.30 pm

Activity € 80.00 per class group (max 25 students)

Reservation compulsory tel. +39.848.082408


families • children aged 3 to 6 with their parents


What Are You Thinking Of?

17 February - 17 March

Thoughts take shape, turning into astonishing images, in a gallery of self-portraits revealing the dreams, the emotions and the desires lurking inside our heads, as we take our inspiration from Laurent Moreau's books published by Orecchio Acerbo.



The Musical House

24 March - 28 April

What noise does a drop make when it falls from the tap?  Or water as it comes whooshing out of the shower head?  Or the water boiling in a pan on the stove?  We shall be working together on interpreting all of this whooshing, thumping and creaking to discover the music a house can make, taking our cue from La Casa di Tamara (Tamara's House) published by Donzelli Editore.



Sunday 11.00 am to 1.00 pm

Activity € 8.00 per child

Reservation recommended € 1.50 - tel. (+39) 06 39967500


Forum - Palazzo delle Esposizioni

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