From wordless books to reading out loud

Kids' Area - Palazzo dei Congressi

5 - 8 December 2013


More books more places - Palazzo delle Esposizioni

28 November 2013 - 6 January 2014


This year at the trade fair the Kids' Area is changing its skin. Run by Biblioteche di Roma and the Palazzo delle Esposizioni with its Art Bookshelf, two new spaces are open to visitors this year: the Sala Incontri (or Meeting Room) and the Laboratorio (or Workshop), to learn to read, from wordless books to reading out loud. The workshop will be hosting an exhibition entitled Wordless Books. Destination Lampedusa curated by IBBY Italia in conjunction with the Palazzo delle Esposizioni and Biblioteche di Roma. The exhibition will include the latest from the publishing world, silent books and narrators' voices, alongside encounters with authors, illustrators and publishers. Books will be offering visitors both an opportunity and an excuse to talk about people's rights and the future, a chance for grown-ups and kids to listen and observe together.

The Palazzo delle Esposizioni's Art Bookshop will be organising workshops and formative encounters with publishers and illustrators in the Kids' Area. Iela Mari's wordless books, published by Babalibri, will help our younger visitors and their parents to explore the world of shapes and colours, while Corraini, Orecchio Acerbo, Sinnos and Topipittori are just a few of the publishers who will be attending the encounters with older kids and schools.

Ahead of the trade fair Più libri più liberi (more books more freedom) will become Più libri più luoghi (more books more places), a rich programme of encounters, events and book launches all around the city. The Art Bookshop invites you to meet Roberto Innocenti as he tells of his experience as an illustrator and presents a modern, independent version of Little Red Riding Hood. The new generations of Italian kids of immigrant origin will be occupying centre stage in the book Not Only Balotelli. Second generations in Italy produced by Eva Pfoestl and Simonetta Bisi. And there will also be a book on display in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni's Fountain Area with the publisher L'Asino d'Oro. Gilgamesh, the Epic of the King of Uruk, offers visitors an opportunity to get to know one of the oldest tales in the world.


Più libri più luoghi - encounters outside the trade fair - Palazzo delle Esposizioni


Saturday 30 November 2013 at 6.00 pm - Forum

The Art Bookshelf presents

Roberto Innocenti.  My Life in a Fairy Tale

Little Red Riding Hood - A modern fairy tale

curated by Della Porta Editori and La Margherita edizioni speakers:  Roberto Innocenti and Rossana Dedola Roberto Innocenti reviews the most important stages in his life and career with Rossana Dedola.  Young Roberto, who was later to become an internationally renowned illustrator, is always in the company of a famous little girl called Little Red Riding Hood, a little girl who is inquisitive and a bit naive, who leaves home to go and visit her grandmother and ends up in the concrete jungle of the city.  The woods are simply a metaphor for the suburbs.  All the ingredients of the classic fairy tale are there, but a happy ending is anything but a foregone conclusion!


Tuesday 3 December 2013 at 6.00 pm - Forum

The Art Bookshelf presents

Not Only Balotelli. Second generations in Italy

by Simonetta Bisi and Eva Pföstl (Bordeaux Edizioni)

curated by the Istituto di Studi Politici "S. Pio V"

speakers: Antonio Iodice, Paolo De Nardi, Piero Vereni, Vincenzo Parrinello, Daniela Carlà Coordinated by Birgit Schönau

A group of Second Generation athletes from a variety of different disciplines in the Italian national circuit will also be attending.

The book, the result of research promoted and funded by the Istituto di Studi Politici S. Pio V, tells the story and discusses the characteristics of the Second Generations in our country, the generations who have successfully integrated even without being famous, who have made it, who are applying for citizenship, who work, study, love and hate just like any other Italian, but who suffer from discrimination and racism, and who want to prove that there are indeed Italian negroes.


Wednesday 4 December 2013 at 6.00 pm - Sala Fontana

The Art Bookshelf presents

Gilgamesh, the Epic of the King of Uruk curated by L'Asino d'oro edizioni

Fountain Room, Palazzo delle Esposizioni - 4 December 2013 / 6 January 2014

Speakers:  Laurie Elie, Alessandra Grimaldi; Forough Raihani

Gilgamesh, the Epic of the King of Uruk is a book, an audio book and now also an exhibition.  Gilgamesh is not simply a tale of adventures, of tribulations and triumphs, it is the story of a man, of a living human being loved by the gods who wanders the earth in search of truth.  The splendid original illustrations by Laurie Elie and Forough Raihani project the reader into a distant era, while Alessandra Grimaldi, who wrote the texts, also attempts a reconstruction of the discovery of the twelve clay tablets on which the Epic of Gilgamesh was inscribed.  The exhibition tells another story using plates, sketches and photographs taken during the making of the book:  three artistic pathways, each with a strong identity of its own, have succeeded through their passionate dedication and research in coming together to conjure up the story of an immortal epic.


Più libri più liberi - encounters in the trade fair


Sunday 8 December at 4.00 pm - Rubino Room

From Lampedusa to the World, Ibby Italia and the right to have rights

Curated by the Palazzo delle Esposizioni and Biblioteche di Roma

Speakers: Della Passarelli - Sinnos editrice, Cristina Paterlini - Biblioteche di Roma, Silvana Sola - Ibby Italia Coordinated by Paola Vassalli - Palazzo delle Esposizioni

A reflection on the state of the art a year after the launch of the Wordless Books. Destination Lampedusa project for the creation of a children's library on the island. The project is accompanied by a travelling show that is currently travelling throughout Italy and will soon be moving to Europe. And future initiatives to ensure that books and reading become a universal right will be discussed with Ibby Italia.



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