Valerio Magrelli | Concerning Pinocchio

With the exclamation “so many Pinocchios!”, poet and academic Valerio Magrelli embarks on his account of the endless interpretations and metamorphoses with which Collodi’s character has been invested. This cascade of variants and transformations would appear to confirm the theory of Pinocchio’s “mythification” expounded by semiologist Paolo Fabbri: from the judicial analysis to the theories of philosopher Emilio Garroni to the ultra-terrestrial and occult figure perceived by Girgio Manganelli, the shamanic Pinocchio of Jacqueline Bisset, the translations of Pinocchio into Latin, Umberto Eco’s tautogram, Fellini’s Casanova described by the director as “a Pinocchio who never becomes human”, the Calamita cosmica by Gino De Dominicis and the Pinocchios by Jim Dine.