curated by Ilaria Mancia


The 4 performances scheduled to be presented as part of the “events” which should have accompanied the Jim Dine exhibition, appear here in a new form. The artists have provided in-depth examinations of their individual work, conceived specifically for the suspended dimension we are all experiencing, a “heartbeat” intended to echo the pulse which should have taken place live. The projects open up to new angles, looking to the future or to the past, admitting us into an alternative way of observing the creative paths of these four artists. Jacopo Jenna, Annamaria Ajmone, Ula Sickle and Myriam Laplante use words, sounds and images to amplify their interaction with the performative object, revealing new and secret potentials which are able to evoke and enrich the moment in which it will, once again, be possible to have a physical proximity with their works. 




To tie with the Jim Dine exhibition on March 25 2020, the performance Choreographing Rappers by Jacopo Jenna reflects in a choreographic manner on the construction of hip-hop pieces, focusing on the immediacy that is such a feature of Rap, in other words on its ability to create direct and instant involvement without any intermediate transition phases, triggering a sense of urgency and excitement. Choreographing Rappers uses dance and the body like rappers' words, modulating the dynamic, the tempo and the rhythm adopted to scan movement, imparting intensity and fragmentation to the dance flow.  

Choreographing RapperS | RELOAD




To tie with the Jim Dine Exhibition on April 1 2020, he performance Trigger by Annamaria Ajmone is a mobile system whose organisation changes according to the venue in which it is hosted. The system redesigns the geometry of the space and the space in turn transforms the performative action. The choreographic score, comprising units of set movements, is developed along the sides of the figure, sharing the space on stage with the performer. 
Trigger is a personal exploration that seeks to transform a place which, for a limited amount of time, becomes a home, a place of transition, the lair of a body which, constantly listening, amplifies the spaces inside and outside itself.  

Trigger AtlaS | RELOAD




In the performance Relay by Ula Sickle, to tie with the Jim Dine exhibition on April 18 2020, a black flag flutters in the museum's external and internal space. Its constant movement and flapping fabric causing tremors in the air become a choreography and a soundtrack. Presented as a single, long and unbroken action, Relay takes its inspiration from the numerous protests taking place around the world and, in particular, from the mass rallies in Poland in defence of women's rights: the so-called "black protests". A black flag cannot be pegged to any specific battle so it defies facile interpretation. An assorted group of artists take turns in a fascinating relay of staying power, accompanied by the sound artist Yann Leguay. 

The sadnesS | RELOAD




To tie with the Jim Dine Exhibition on April 22 2020, Red Suite 2020 by Myriam Laplante, canadian artist resident in Italy, is a new performance on transformations and disappearances involving and subverting everyday objects, light, sound, painterly and sculptural elements to echo Jim Dine's early works.  

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