Straight to Rights

Girls, just like boys, have every right to be dishevelled and rowdy, to choose the job they want to do and not to have be princesses if they don't want to be. Boys, just like girls, have every right to cry and to be cuddled, to be good at languages and to not necessarily be superheroes.

In this workshop for demolishing stereotypes and prejudices and for working together on devising new rights for boys and girls, we take our cue from two entertaining illustrated books entitled "The Declaration of the Rights of Girls" and "The Declaration of the Rights of Boys", published in Italy by the Lo Stampatello publishing house with the participation of Amnesty International Italia.


the books

The Declaration of the Rights of Girls - The Declaration of the Rights of Boys

Written by Elisabeth Brami
Illustrated by Estelle Billon-Spagnol
Lo Stampatello, Milan 2015



Forum - Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Via Milano 13, Rome

12 May 2016 @ 5.00 pm

admission free, but reservations must be made by email to: