a free interactive science event
2016, october 26 -30


KreyonDays are a unique event of science popularization, entirely devoted to creativity and innovation. It is part of an international research project coordinated by Sapienza Università di Roma, organised in conjunction with The Education Services – Art Workshop run by the Palazzo delle Esposizioni and the , and patronized by Regione Lazio and Legambiente.

Given the great success of first edition in 2015, this year the event has been extended to five days, with three mornings entirely reserved for schools.

Mornings of October the 26th, 27th and 28th are entirely reserved for secondary and elementary schools. Afternoons and the weekend are opened to all. Access is free but online pre-registration is highly encouraged. The participation to all the workshops should be booked in advance.

During KreyonDays you will be able to take part to free workshops and collettive creation installations, experiencing first-hand the dynamics of creativity.

All the workshop and installations will be accompanied by explanations of the underlying scientific principles and questions. Everyone will be free to deepen the scientific questions raised by each installation, through a “learning by doing” approach.

Workshops, interactive installations, conferences and web-based games will allow visitors to experiment and analyse how mechanisms underlying innovations and creativity work.

You will find:

Installations  of collective creation ranging from music composition and collaborative sculptures, to the design of new urban mobility systems. You will be able to interact with other participants, experiencing first-hand how we react to a challenge, what helps or hinders us in finding solutions,  what attracts us, and how we collaborate with other people to achieve a common goal.


Web-based games designed and implemented by the Kreyon Project research team.  They will challenge you to create something new by combining and assembling old elements. You will able to play individually but also measuring your divergence or similarity in finding possible solutions with respect to other players.

Creative and scientific workshop animated by writers, drama authors, science communicators and artists. From collaborative stories workshop led by Christian Raimo, Rossella Milone, Claudio Morici, Alessandro Londei e Ascanio Celestini, to La Scienza Coatta performance, using humour and roman dialect to popularize science.  You will also  able to take part to a three-days atelier of drama writing led by director and drama author Alex Cantarelli, choose a Lego drawing workshop by Lego artist Anna Legge. Children and teenagers would eventually participate to an art workshop inspired by the illustrator Anne Bertier curated by The Education Services – Art Workshop,  a science performance with frozen bubbles by physicist and communicator Ilan Chabay, or magic maths with Ennio Peres.


Kreyon project

KREYON project is proposing for the first time a unitary approach where creativity and innovation are seen as two sides of the same coin and jointly investigated and modelled.
Coordinated by Vittorio Loreto, professor of physics of complex systems at Sapienza Università di Roma and research leader at Fondazione ISI,  Torino, and funded by John Templeton Foundation,  KREYON involves a community of scientists and experts of creativity all over the world from different areas (physicists, mathematicians, IT experts, anthropologists, artists, communicators) and several research institutes and foundations.



Palazzo delle Esposizioni
Entrance in via Milano, 13
Free entry with mandatory reservation on the website: