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27 october
itineraries in Italy's museums

The Palazzo delle Esposizioni's Education Service presents a two-day event entitled Education Services in Italy, an event designed to promote the training of cultural educators by fostering a comparison between best practices.

The professional figure of the museum educator, thanks also to the efforts made to date to define that figure's professional profile and areas of expertise, increasingly requires opportunities for debate and interaction in order to explore and to consolidate what is often predominantly theoretical training and to impart a fresh boost to hands-on experience in the field. In that sense it is of crucial importance to share methodologies and best practices with those working in the field throughout the country. For professional people, each with his or her own specific skills and unique approach, to meet and debate facilitates constant updating and renewal, thus averting the risk of their getting bogged down in acquired certainties andin deep-rooted habits.

This long-term project sets out to create an area for sharing and debate involving some of the most representative experiences in museum education right across Italy, from north to south.

For this first edition, encounters and workshops will be conducted by our colleagues from Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, Palazzo Grassi in Venice and MOON - Museo Officina degli Oggetti Narranti on Potenza.


€150.00 (€120.00 for subscribers); reservations are compulsory, tel. +39.06.39967500

Palazzo delle Esposizioni - Forum

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