Carla Accardi
Postponed until September 1, 2024

March 6 > September 1, 2024

Curated by Daniela Lancioni and Paola Bonani


Exhibition promoted by the Assessorato alla Cultura di Roma Capitale and Azienda Speciale Palaexpo

Conceived, produced and organised by Azienda Speciale Palaexpo

Realized with the collaboration of the Archivio Accardi Sanfilippo and with the support of the Fondazione Silvano Toti


Anthological exhibition dedicated to Carla Accardi on the centenary of her birth. 

Carla Accardi Postponed until September 1, 20246 March__1 September 2024

A figure of undisputed prominence on the international panorama, Carla Accardi (Trapani 1924 -Rome 2014) was a major player in the visual culture both of Italy and abroad. Whilst maintaining a singular and exceptional expressive coherence in her work, Accardi contributed to the emergence and development of new ways of understanding the artwork, from the Abstraction of the immediate post-War years to Informal, Conceptual painting, Environment Painting, to art influenced by feminism, the  rediscovered joie de vivre embodied in the painting of the 1980s, right up to the grandiose synthesis of her work in the 1990s and 2000s. Unlike all other artists of her generation, she consistently upheld a dialogue with artists and intellectuals younger than herself throughout the various phases of her career.

Over a hundred works will be included, selected according to the criteria of highlighting both Accardi’s earliest inventions and to present pieces in which she expressed herself more radically, which rank as seminal in both the Italian and international contexts.

The exhibition project will include works from some of the most important public and private collections, both in Italy and abroad, as well as a nucleus of historic works that remained in her ownership and which are currently part of the Archivio Accardi Sanfilippo collection.

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