Let's play... with the body book

Let's play... with the body book
at the Art Bookshelf
from 1 April to 17 July 2011
Forum - Palazzo delle Esposizioni

A book to leaf through, to read and to listen to provides the basis for the "Let's play with..." project, a workshop for children aged 3 to 6 with their parents, uncles and aunts and even - why not? - with their grandparents!  Each activity takes its cue from the Art Bookshelf's splendid international collection to explore often rare art books for kids.  The first impact with the book occurs at an exciting reading for the whole family, followed by hands-on experiments allowing us to work together on revisiting content, form, color and materials.  This is a perfect occasion for familiarizing with art and for inventing new narratives to share ideas and discoveries, because working together strengthens relationships and allows us to get to know others.

On this occasion the workshop will be focusing on the Corpo, body, cuerpo, lichaam, sbor, leib, krope, devised by Didart 2009, a European educational museum project (www.didart.net) involving a book on the theme of the body and identity, with an open structure that can be leafed through, taken apart, read and put together again in accordance with ever changing narratives and representations.  Five paths are mapped out in it entitled:  Who am I?; Beyond My Body; Looking In, Looking Out; Can I Wear it?; and I'm Taking Shape, giving rise to a potentially endless series of unpredictable stories.

children aged 3 > 6 with their parents
Saturday 4pm-6pm and Sunday 11am-1pm
workshop  € 8.00 per child

telephone reservations only
reservation recommended € 1.50
tel. 06 39967 500, Monday to Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-2pm