Membership Card

Do you want the keys to open the doors of Palazzo Esposizioni Roma?


only for you


for you and your plus one

 & Senior
if you're under 27 or over 65

For a whole year you'll be able to visit all the exhibitions, skip the queue to get in, attend initiatives specially organised for members and get a special discount at the restaurant, the cafeteria and the bookshop inside the Palazzo Esposizioni Roma. These are only some of the many unique benefits enjoyed by our members.



The PER card allows you to:

  • visit the exhibitions at the Palazzo Esposizioni Roma for a whole year, as often as you want and without ever having to queue;
  • invite a friend, who is also entitled to a special discount on the price of admission;
  • take part in guided tours and initiatives for members only;
  • take part in educational activities and workshops specially organised for younger members aged 7 to 11 and for members' children aged 3 to 6;
  • enjoy a special discount on the cost of activities devised by the Art Workshop;
  • reserve a seat (compatible with availability) at lectures, at conferences exploring exhibitions in greater depth and at film retroscpectives;
  • enjoy a special discount on the price of admission to events at the Palazzo Esposizioni Roma;
  • benefit from discounts in the bookshop, cafeteria and restaurant in the Palazzo Esposizioni Roma (cannot be combined with other discounts or special offers);
  • enjoy a discount on individual guided tours on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays;
  • enjoy a discount on the cost of hiring an audio-guide at exhibitions;
  • enjoy a special discount on admission to all events held by the Palazzo Esposizioni's cultural partners;
  • be kept permanently up to date and informed regarding the Palazzo Esposizioni Roma's schedule of activities and events, and enjoy access to the "members only" area on the Palazzo Esposizioni Roma's website.

How to use it

  • the PER card is valid for 365 days from its activation date;
  • you can register and activate your card in the ticket office either when purchasing it or when paying your first visit to the Palazzo Esposizioni Roma;
  • you will need to produce valid ID when activating your PER card;
  • the PER card can be given as a gift; it is valid from its activation date;
  • the card must be displayed along with valid ID when visiting the exhibition halls and in order to enjoy all discounts and reductions;
  • we recommend that you photograph the back of your PER card. This will make it easier for us to produce a duplicate in the event of loss or theft.

For further information

tel. +39 06 696271202 (Tuesday to Friday, 10.00am to 5.00pm)