M.O.L.L.A. on show!

September 28 > November 14, 2021
Palazzo delle Esposizioni Bookshop

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M.O.L.L.A. on show! 28 September__14 November 2021
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M.O.L.L.A. is the first magazine for springy kids!

The magazine is published by BEKKO, a group of women illustrators and graphic artists from Friuli, and dozens of illustrators and storytellers for children are involved in producing each edition. The magazine is theme-based: after the city, the future, borders and the body, edition number 5 takes a look at icebergs.   
In the company of arctic explorers and analytical philosophers, and bumping into weird animals and frozen islands, in this edition we explore a world that is only seemingly chilly but that in fact tells us an awful lot about the state of our planet's health! In this refreshing exhibition we also look at how to put together a newspaper and we run a survey for anyone willing to help us: What is the next springy theme going to be?


(Illustration by Laura Simonati)

The iceberg theme sparks numerous metaphors, and so... it is not cold by a long shot: we are accompanied by a large number of brilliant illustrators, such as Laura Simonati who produced the cover or Elisa Marzano and Edoardo Massa (cartoonist and illustrator for Michela Murgia and The Passenger Magazine, among others) with his first strip cartoon for M.O.L.L.A. … and a whole host of other truly creative authors.

(Cartoon by Edoardo Massa)

An iceberg can hint at the way our mind works, but also how to tell a good story. It can be a horizon to aim for, and it can even have a nasty twin, the Fatberg!

(Illustration by Elisa Marzano)

(Illustration by Laura Simonati)

is a group of women illustrators and graphic artists from Friuli – Cecilia Cappelli, Caterina Di Paolo, Elena Guglielmotti and Martina Paderni – who met while attending the same university, the ISIA in Urbino. They have been publishing the children's magazine M.O.L.L.A. since 2016, handling the art direction and editorial aspects and involving illustrators and storytellers for children in a range of ever-changing topics.




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