Rocco Ronchi

23 april
Difference and Repetition: the poetic of Carla Accardi in light of Gilles Deleuze’s thought

In Difference and Repetition (1969), Gilles Deleuze invests repetition with a creative value. Underlying this counterintuitive conception is a precise ontology that identifies difference, understood as the principle of unlimited variation, as the essence of things themselves. The surface of the painting thus ceases to be an inert receptacle and becomes an active field of forces that self-structures according to its own immanent logic. 
Image: Carla Accardi, Verderosso, casein tempera on canvas, cm 96.7 x 146, Collezione Intesa Sanpaolo Gallerie d'Italia - Milano, 1963  
© Carla Accardi by SIAE 2024. Photo Paolo Vandrash, Milano. Courtesy Archivio Patrimonio Artistico Intesa Sanpaolo


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