Margherita Morgantin / Ilaria Lemmo | COSMIC SILENCE 4, fluorescence 3

27 october


For Margherita Morgantin the artist’s body and experience become part of the scientific instruments used for field research. This was the case in the artistic research process of the project VIP=Violation of the Pauli exclusion principle, which took place UNDER THE MOUNTAIN of Gran Sasso, in the largest underground laboratory in the world dedicated to the detection of rare phenomena and physical events that should not take place, thanks to the 'cosmic silence' guaranteed by a massive layer of rocks that separates it from the atmosphere; and ABOVE THE MOUNTAIN, on the plateaus of the Gran Sasso National Park in an environmental area important for its high altitude biodiversity. Fluorescence (the re-emission in the visible spectrum of received radiations) sealed a series of sound interventions and installations by Morgantin in collaboration with musicians and sound manipulators. The live COSMIC SILENCE 4, fluorescence 3 is an open score for text and sound in dialogue with the electronic music composer Ilaria Lemmo, starting from the subnuclear wave spectra of the VIP experiment.


Margherita Morgantin, a visual artist based in Milan, was born in Venice where she graduated in Architecture at the I.U.A.V., researching on systems for forecasting natural light. Her work is articulated through different languages, ranging from drawing and installation to performance, moving on a thread that connects language, philosophy, mathematics and visual culture. Contact and cohabitation, observation and imagination, are the open intervals that characterize the work of Morgantin. She has participated in contemporary art exhibitions in Italy and abroad, and carried out special actions and projects in different contexts including: Ca’ Pesaro – International Gallery of Modern Art (Venice), Museion (Bolzano), Galleria Continua (San Gimignano), Villa Croce (Genoa), La Biennale di Venezia Danza, MAMbo and Xing (Bologna). Recent projects of hers: VIP = Violation of the Pauli exclusion principle, SOTTO LA MONTAGNA, SOPRA LA MONTAGNA  2020-21) produced by Xing with the support of Italian Council, and the personal exhibition DAMA LIBRE (2021) in Venice. She has published books of short texts and drawings: Titolo variabile (Quodlibet 2009), Agenti autonomi e sistemi multiagente (with Michele Di Stefano) (Quodibet 2012), Wittgenstein (nottetempo 2016), Lo spazio dentro (with Maddalena Buri) (nottetempo e-pub 2020), Sotto la montagna Sopra la montagna (nottetempo 2021). Since 2013 she also works as Pawel und Pavel, a collaborative project on writing and performance with Italo Zuffi. She has collaborated with visual and sound artists, choreographers including Michele Di Stefano/mk, Roberta Mosca, Richard Crow, Mattin, Alice Guareschi, and with the Diotima women philosophical collective. She teaches artistic anatomy, scientific illustration, and performance techniques at Accademy of Fine Arts in L'Aquila.


Ilaria Lemmo, based in Turin, is a composer and sound researcher in the field of electronic and experimental music, graduated in Electronic Music at the Scuola Civica Claudio Abbado in Milan. Her work explores the possibilities of algorithmic composition in relation and dialogue with the acoustic space and as a listening practice, both in the field of sound research and in the multidisciplinary one. Another nodal point is the question with respect to the electronic medium as an instrument of observation and interpenetration on the one hand of a computer language related to algorithmic writing for sound synthesis and processing of complex data structures, and on the other hand a study on sound related to field recording and processing of recorded sound. She also works as a sound designer for performing and visual arts (among her collaborations Chiara Bersani, Teatro Valdoca, Margherita Morgantin) and teaches electronic music.


photo Margherita Morgantin, COSMIC SILENCE 4, fluorescence 3
photo portrait Margherita Morgantin, courtesy the artist and Xing
photo Ilaria Lemmo


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