Beyond the screen

Tuesday to Friday at 11:30 am
Animated tour of the exhibition for primary schools to tie with the exhibition Video makes you happy


The story of Italian video art explained to younger audiences in the course of a guided tour of the exhibition halls, exploring the changes that have taken place over time and the most interesting artists involved. We explore every facet and every aspect of electronic expressive media from monitors to large, accessible interactive areas. Inside the exhibition layout and in direct contact with the exhibits, the class group conducts hands-on experiments in the course of practical and workshop activities inspired by the audio-visual theme and by the relationship between the exhibit and the visitor.  


information and cost 
activity € 80.00 per class group + admission to the exhibition € 4.00    
Reservations are required; advance booking fee included in the cost of the activity  
Special offer for schools: € 70.00 for classes booking within the first month of the exhibition or taking part in at least two activities