This Is Not a Stone

21 april
free on-line workshop for children aged 7 and over

A special workshop designed to allow us to celebrate the Dies Romana (The Birth of Rome) together, breathing life and words into the city's ancient statues.

Have you ever bumped into statues while walking around Rome? There are literally dozens of them, full- or half-figure, looking heroic or laid back. They all portray people that really existed or gods, or even ideas such as strength and justice.

If you observe them carefully, you'll be able to hear their voices. What do you think they're thinking about? What might they say to each other in an imaginary dialogue? Try eavesdropping their conversations, they're full of surprises! Taking our cue from Czech artist Miroslav Šašek's book This Is Not a Stone (Quodlibet, 2018) and from the ironic way in which he brings Rome's statues to life, we'll be inventing stories, imagining dialogues and producing sketches for new and very special drawings.


participation is free of charge (for a maximum of 20 participants) via the Zoom platform

reservations are required; please send an e-mail to