The illustrated album

17 february
run by the Art Workshop

run by the Art Workshop


How do you make a "picturebook?" The encounter sets out to define the rules for an illustrated album: a text in which words and images dialogue with each other, astonishing and gripping whoever leafs through it, stimulating and triggering assocations and echoes to reawaken our sensibilities.


Since it was first set up in 2000, the Art Bookshop has striven to achieve its major goal of attracting audiences, particularly younger audiences, to the world of art by offering them innovative and original pathways for observing and interpreting reality with the languages of contemporary art, adopting a new and multi-faceted approach to the work of art, embracing all the various disciplines to develop knowledge, skills and capabilities.

Our methodology is based on the book as a priority tool for mediation and education. The Art Bookshop, a library specialising in international art publishing for children, is the venue hosting our precious collection of artist's books and illustrated albums that provide us with the inspiration and suggestions for devising activities, workshops and pathways.


€30 each encounter (€24 for members); €150 entire course (€120 for members); max 30 participants

Forum - Palazzo delle Esposizioni

via Milano 13

reservations are required tel. +39.06.39967500 by Wednesday of the week the course starts

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