Manga Avalanche

7 october
attività per ragazzi 7 > 11 anni

tour and activity in the exhibition for children aged 7 to 11

7 October 2017 > 21 January 2018


To tie in with Mangasia, the Art Workshop has devised an itinerary for children that explores the traditions, legends and contemporary impact of the Manga world. In the exhibition showcasing the incredible variety to be found in Asian comics we will be exploring one of the better-known aspects of oriental culture, while in the workshop we will experience a close encounter with characters, themes, techniques and styles known throughout the world.


special offer for familes - while the kids attend the workshop, their parents can visit the exhibition with a special discount on the price of admission

max 2 adults per child

activity + admission to the exhibition € 10.00 per child (concession)
admission for adults € 10.00 per person (concession)


via Nazionale 194

Palazzo delle Esposizioni

€ 12.00 per child (activity + admission to the exhibition); reservations recommended tel. +39.06.39967500