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One of Hungary’s best-known musicians, singers and singer-songwriters, Ákos
Kovács has sold over 1 million records and recorded over 1,000 concerts, as well as composing music for museums, plays and films. 

In April last year, in parallel with his career in music, he made his first film: a short entitled LEFT ON OUR OWN lasting 27 minutes, based on a story he himself devised and for which he wrote the script and composed the soundtrack.

Shortly after it came out in April 2022, the film won an award for Director of Photography Zsigmond Vilmos in the short category, it was a finalist in the Hungarian Motion Picture Festival and it has won various awards at a number of international festivals in Brno, Bucharest, Milan, Avezzano,  Shanghai and Toronto.



The film is the monologue of a taxi driver attempting to interpret the world around him and to find his place in it. His monologue mixes confessions and personal events with moments and episodes in Hungary’s history. The memories that he conjures up come to life in the streets of Budapest, and without realising it, the taxi driver sees parts of his own life play out before his passenger. Simple objects, derelict buildings, an exchange of letters that lasted a whole lifetime and human destinies perceived in people’s gazes guide the viewer through this lyrical short. The plot of the film is a Central European story in the Hungarian realist vein, which dips into the director-cum-scriptwriter’s own family history with scenes relating to the reconstruction after World War II, to the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and to the events of 2006.

Ákos’s short, based on a story that he wrote himself, is a tribute both to the golden age of Hungarian cinema and to such classic masters as Andrei Tarkovsky and Wim Wenders.


Admission free with reservation

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