In the land of Mr. Knight

3 november
for adults and kids

Encounter and workshop devoted to the book Nel paese di Mister Coltello [In the Land of Mr. Knife] by Federica Iacobelli and Leonard.
To tie in with the Mangasia: Wonderlands of Asian Comics exhibition, the Art Workshop, in conjunction with Les Mots Libres publications, will be launching Nel paese di Mister Coltello [In the Land of Mr. Knife], an illustrated tale, part imaginary and part biographical, on the trail of David Bowie. The illustrator and the author will be meeting with the public at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni both to recount how their partnership began and how words and pictures can forge perfect ties, and to produce a workshop midway between graphic art and illustration.


Nel paese di Mister Coltello [In the Land of Mr. Knife] takes a different look at the pop star, seeing him through the eyes of someone who does not know him and who considers him with sceptical detachment, setting out on a journey which, once undertaken, can no longer be broken off. This is a book for anyone who has loved David Bowie's art, but also for those who have yet to discover it.


Stella Stern is a latter-day Alice who suddenly discovers the figure of Mr. Knife: David Bowie. Amid illustrated faces, visionary encounters and multi-faceted costumes, she dives head-first into the world of the British artist, a musical legend of whom she has never heard.

Thanks to a "rather senseless hobby" – peeling old wallpaper off walls – and to a bizarre vase-man who acts as her guide, Stella sets out on her journey from London to the ether, passing through outer space, America and Berlin: seven chapters of pure David Robert Jones.

As though she were following the notes of a playlist midway between dream and reality, Federica Iacobelli builds an elegant and surreal fairy tale, dipping freely into the work of such giants of children's literature as Lewis Carrol and Maurice Sendak and into the culture of BBC children's television. She is accompanied on her journey by the evocative illustrations of Leonard, who tells the story of the London popstar with one eye trained on the art of Andy Warhol and the other on the imaginary world of the fanzine, midway between pop and punk. Two authors, two points of view: while Leonard's drawings offer snapshots that capture Bowie's most intimate world, Iacobelli's effective and atmospheric style penetrates the artist's life in the company of Stella, a shy little girl with no myths but with a thirst for knowledge.


Admission free while places last (max 60 participants)

Forum - Palazzo delle Esposizioni

via Milano 13

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