Cracking Danilo Rea

2 december
Danilo Rea | Alex Braga Live music

Danilo Rea | Alex Braga

Live music


Is artificial intelligence going to replace human beings in the near future? Or will this technology be a useful instrument to improve creativity and new forms of art? CRACKING DANILO REA is a dialogue between man and technology created by Alex Braga, a polyhedric artist who works across music and concept art, and designed with Danilo Rea, one of the most influential piano improviser worldwide.The concert mixes the piano with electronic music in which an artificial intelligence learn how to understand Rea’s improvisation: will the machine be able to anticipate the musician? And will the performer escape the tech control of the A.I.?


Admission 10 Euro - Tickets

Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Amission via steps in via Milano 9a