Visions in movement

April 24, May 8, June 19 and July 17, 2022, 11:00 am
animated tour for girls and boys aged 7 to 11

animated tour for girls and boys aged 7 to 11  

A guided tour designed to enable children to get a better grasp of one of the most innovative aspects of contemporary art. As we saunter through the exhibition halls we tell the story of video art in Italy, its development and its leading players. Swathed in moving visions, we discover the influence of music, the cinema, television and other media. We explore the way electronic devices work and we have fun interpreting fragments of stories midway between reality and imagination. The graphic and compositional activities in the animated tour focus on dialogue between image and sound and on the theme of the body and of gestures, as in Studio Azzurro’s work Chorus

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activity € 12.00; reservations are required – advance booking fee € 2.00

Palazzo delle Esposizioni

via Nazionale 194