Children's books in the digital age

6 dicembre
run by the Art Workshop

an encounter with the Pianopiano book bakery


A course for exploring opportunities, proposals and innovation in digital books for children and teenagers, including editorial projects offering a concept of the book that merges hardcopy and digital formats, applications devoted to reading, to leisure, and the construction of an animated project.


Pianopiano is the digital publishing house of Anna and Rachele Lo Piano, sisters by birth and by profession. After spending years free-lancing in the world of publishing, journalism, graphic art and the web, they decided to merge their experience and set up a digital publishing house, a graphic design studio, a word lab, a craftsman's workshop.

Pianopiano believes in flexible content, ease of distribution and the possibility of producing books in a more economical fashion. Plus digital books are a challenge in format, style and opportunity. The publishing company also runs training courses in publishing, graphic art and the web, as well as offering various kinds of consultancy in digital communication.


€30 each encounter (€24 for members); €150 entire course (€120 for members); max 30 participants

Forum - Palazzo delle Esposizioni

via Milano 13

reservations are required tel. +39.06.39967500 by Wednesday of the week the course starts

from e-book to illustration album