Touching art

sensoral tours and workshops for those with and without sight together, to tie in with exhibitions at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni


Kicking off in 2014 with the exhibition on Frida Kahlo and Matisse Arabesque at the Scuderie del Quirinale in conjunection with the Associazione Museum, this has now become one of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni Art Workshop's permanent fixtures. Its meetings comprise an interactive, participatory tour of the current exhibition designed to create a space for active dialogue and encounter between those with and without sight, in an effort to look at art from new "points of view" and to experiment with new interpretations of artworks through multisensoral experiences and tactile tables specially designed for the occasion. The tour is followed by a hands-on moment in the workshop for experimenting with techniques, tools and materials and for using practical work to memorise the skills and knowledge acquired.

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