Migrant books

A suitcase full of books will be leaving the Palazzo delle Esposizioni's Art Bookshelf for a journey in three stages bound for Asinitas, Centro Astalli and Arci Viterbo, three schools of Italian for foreigners in the Lazio region. The idea for this travelling project was sparked by a shared need to continue to work and to dialogue together through the illustrated album, that valuable tool for mediation and integration. This is our way of keeping in touch pending meeting up again in our exhibition spaces and being able to satisfy the demand from schools with new ideas for workshops and selections of books to bring directly into the classroom for the students' use and enjoyment.
The suitcase holds illustrated albums, silent books and imagiers for use as illustrated dictionaries, offering a range of different narrative, graphic and chromatic approaches to the Italian language.
The themes chosen, based on proposals submitted by the schools themselves, are Nature, a major rediscovery in this pandemic-stricken moment, the Door in the sense of a threshold, a point of transition, a border leading towards an imaginary world and much more, and The first time to recount the moments, experiences, encounters and first steps that mark the lives of each and every one of us.
A journey that is only a beginning, open to new stages, new books and new encounters.

For further information or to take part in the project, please write to us at: