Reading and workshops in Rebibbia Prison


Books play a leading role in the libraries in Rome's jails thanks to shared readings and art workshops based on the collection in the Art Bookshelf library and on the exhibitions hosted by the Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

The project, developed in conjunction with Università Roma Tre and the Biblioteche di Roma, begins in Rebibbia women's prison by leafing through the pages of silent books in which the story relies exclusively on images so as to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers and to share readers' differing interpretations.

It continues, thanks to cooperation with the A Roma Insieme Association, with the boys and girls in the Kindergarten Section and the "Casa di Leda" sheltered home by reading books devoted to nature, before rediscovering the original illustrations on display in the Nature in Every Sense exhibition.

The books used at the encounters are donated to the prison libraries thanks to the support of the "Nicola Irti" Foundation for charity and cultural work.