Dance Well

Inclusive dance lesson devised and run by Parkinzone and the Palazzo delle Esposizioni's Art Workshop
Dance Well, a project originally devised in Bassano del Grappa in 2013 in conjuction with CSC, the Contemporary Scene Centre, came to the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in 2019 with the exhibition Sublime Anatomies and went on to become a permanent fixture of every exhibition season with the addition of tours and workshops with exhibition curators and museum educators. It is an inclusive dance lesson open to all visitors interested in putting themselves to the test and in living the experience of dancing among the exhibits, interacting through their bodies with mark, gesture, colour, matter and space.

The project is based on the beneficial impact that artistic dancing, if practised regularly, can have on the nervous system, the physical performance and the development of people with Parkinson's and other complaints. Its mainstays are an artistic setting, a mixed group and the fact that it is free of charge, thus ensuring that it is truly accessible to all.

The dance is held in museums, galleries, palaces, gardens and parks, in fact wherever beauty lurks, because this artistic practice where the setting is both a creative stimulus and a source of inspiration feeds on art and beauty. But the project also feeds on the enrichment ensured by the fact that the group is mixed, comprising citizens, people with Parkinson's, students, dancemakers, asylum seekers, people with reduced mobility and people with impaired eyesight. The result is the formation of a fully-fledged inclusive community that is at once the audience and the cultural beneficiary, thus confirming the importance of the marriage between culture and health that is an in-built feature of the practice.